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We are a consultancy specializing in executive coaching.  We work with managers and leaders in their workplaces to help them achieve their business and professional objectives.  Executive coaching has business objectives in addition to personal and professional development objectives.

An organization is a collection of relationship and conversations.  How well a manager or leader navigates the organization depends, in addition to business skills, on his/her self-awareness, communication skills and self-mastery. 

To gauge the leadership effectiveness in your organization, you may ask some of the following questions:

  • Do leaders show respect for their colleagues and direct reports?

  • Do leaders set clear professional and business standards and expectations and hold people to them?

  • Do leaders make clear requests and get commitment from others to meet those requests?

  • Do leaders create an effective and trusting climate in which people can learn, collaborate and excel?

  • Do leaders manage themselves and their time effectively?  Do they handle conflict constructively?

  • Do leaders manage others in ways that enable them to meet or exceed their business targets?

Coaching is an individual approach to development.  We work with individuals to help them learn and use these and other skills and behaviors that will work for them as unique individuals. 


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